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杨紫向张一山讨债|马蹄清洗机The sound of the horn rang through xuchang city sky, countless guards smell sound and move, the palace, heard the sound of the horn, cao cao complexion oneChange, turned to look outside the palace, carefully listen to the sound of the trumpet, for a long time, the complexion became gloomy down, turned to see not far in front of the body fu over, angry scold way: "everyone dare bully me!"Seibel one anger will draw out a sword, but be lyu3 bu4 stretched out his hand and stopped, moved a chair/a chair for me to come over, sitting in front of Chen GUI, carefully looked schaaf a long time, shook his head and help Chen GUI adjusted some shaggy warfarin: "good, meet a friend, don't say the sad past, want to han yu is now regret not to."< / p > < p > too much doubt let xiahou yuan not its solution, the mood depressed, xiahou yuan with people out to inspect the barracks, morale is generally not high, yesterday morning on the time of the loss of 6,000 troops, for the cao army, the morale of the blow is too big.

"Watch out! In zhang fei distracted moment, huang zhongfa force, by zhang fei relaxed that moment, hard back a drag, zhang fei caught off guard, was huang zhong to all of a sudden drag over."Cao sakong, look at this... "Liu xie hesitated and looked at cao cao."The general knows me?" Liu ye was somewhat surprised. He was in an awkward position under cao cao and his fame was not great.杨紫向张一山讨债|However, that zang ba was actually cowardly died in the surrounded by several soldiers, I think the martial arts is not very good.

杨紫向张一山讨债|The momentum of the dead carry to the end is gone, even when liu bei hit xiangyang news came, CAI MAO also just simply nodded, and zhang yun found that CAI MAO around people, overnight for a stubble, faint, seems to have bad things happened.Xu shu frowned and said, "if it succeeds, the world will not be peaceful."Heard of the qiang people are in the arms, near tianshui of the qiang people, because they don't accept lyu3 bu4 naturalization, turned in qinling, put in hanzhong, britons to be the people with wide, to the qiang people, is willing to accept, but a lot of the qiang people leaders asked britons divided into a place for their accomplishment, this let britons is very difficult, after all, plain in hanzhong city is such a big place, hanzhong itself is crowded, where the extra land to the qiang people, can only let the qiang people and efficiencies mixed, only in this way, to avoid conflict with each other, hanzhong with religious state, since is a religious state, The purpose is to guide rather than to return to the law as guanzhong, and therefore, during this period of time, all parts of hanzhong were busy mediating qiang han disputes.

Chen qun frowns a wrinkle, has the news spread?"Commander, the scouts have come to report that liu bei has brought zhang fei, huang zhong and other fierce generals to join liu pan and invade xiangyang with 50,000 troops. Zhang yun came to CAI MAO side, bitter road.In the face of zhang fei and other famous for many years, cut will capture the flag, often in the chaotic army to take the head of the general of the top raptors, his martial arts is only some fire just.杨紫向张一山讨债|




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