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抗日火神|完美优惠顾客销售系统Lv bu spread out the map on the spot, looked at the direction of the mountains and rivers, and said, "on the contrary, it is taihang mountain side.Jinyang, the outskirts, an abandoned field was picked up again, a soldier in the hussars camp under the command of lu bu began to according to the original chang 'an battalion training field built a new camp."In the past, my husband was wandering around the country, but no matter what kind of difficulties he encountered, he could find a way to get through." Sable cicada in lyu3 bu4 arms will be swiveled round body, a positive look at lyu3 bu4, whispered: "the husband, when the enemy is visible, but now is not the same, husband, power is more and more big, not everyone dare standing across from the Lord, they will be hidden in the dark, adoptive father of said with my body, invisible to the enemy, is the most terrible.""That's a brilliant thing to say." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, and for the fact without any intersection Stuart, don't have too many feelings, historically, were it not for him to push the warlords of too tight, the original of lu bu yong, and there's sense of honor, if can soothe west cool you, the world, don't mess like this, some domineering or idealism, but these words, it is lyu3 bu4 to a new understanding of the old man.

"Mr. Gongtu is assured that our army will assist the central army whenever there is a crisis." Guo jia laughed.Lu xun looked at random the goods in full of beautiful things in eyes on the shelf, casually said: "pour are some rare things, do not want to a small shop in, there are so many goods, the elder brother looked at disparate in my native, do not know is where personage?"Cao cao frowned at the direction of yuan jun, shook his head and said, "I haven't seen you in three years. However, all of this was to make cao cao look at me with new eyes. Just a few words made my two armies separate.抗日火神|"Which smelly Taoist priest, dare to talk nonsense!" < / p > < p > lu lingqi heard speech rage, a shake, silver gun out of hand, nail left mercy.

抗日火神|"Keep training! Lv bu nodded to the crowd."At master's word, an Epiphany dawned." Liu bei bowed his hand slightly and said, "let's leave today, the han dynasty is exhausted, and the treacherous officials have stolen the kingdom. Although bei is stupid, he wants to extend great justice to the world. He has no wise and wise scholars to help him.Chapter 28 death

"Kill!" Zhang yan gave out a despairing roar, quite bayonet lyu3 bu4."My father is a general riding a horse, the champion hou lv bu, this time sent me and so on to send jingxiang, who knows but was not allowed by jingxiang family, moved into jiangxia, originally wanted to kill huang zu tonight, take advantage of the chaos across the river, go to jiangdong to persuade sun quan and my father alliance, who wanted to be blocked by the general. That said, lu lingqi is not too disappointed.On the side of the magnificent sea was zhoucang, with the ghostly head knife still in him, not as formidable as the magnificent sea, but just as chilling to the heart. Around them, dozens of the remaining hussars and guards stood still, as if they were statues.抗日火神|




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