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shongzhuying|天年电解水机The one hundred and fifth chapter chengdu undercurrent (2)"Do you know why you lost?" Lu Zheng looked at ma, at the moment the overall situation has been decided, he is willing to spend time with ma here."Young master, what has happened?" Jiang wei stood behind lu zheng, asked doubtfully.

"Dang ~""How are these people going to be dealt with, little Lord?" See lyu3 zheng to go, side of the square frown looked at the home.A lot of awards is to see He Qi followed echo, also couldn't help nodding, although everyone knows, with guan yu now attack intensity, Yin ling city broken, is a matter of time, but this is to those foot soldiers listen to.shongzhuying|Now that the north has completely entered the winter climate, The temperature dropped, The South is better off, But in the north, most people have already received a living, live a wife and children hot kang life, in the era of lack of entertainment, especially in the cold winter season, there is really not much to do, even if it is lively changan and now luoyang, in this season will also become a lot of cold, but today is clearly an exception.

shongzhuying|"But I'm not the only one in town." Xie Yun frowned."Mean man, no brave bandit!" Also luckily zhang fei far away, and martial arts, zhang eight snake spear dance into a circle, will shoot to the front of the arrow cluster opened, at the same time on horseback, roared in the mouth: "men, kill me!"

Sun Quan!In the early morning of the seventh day, ChengTou soldiers suddenly came to inform Li Yan, pound is the whole army, seems to be ready to siege."This..." Liu Xiewen speech, can't help but smother, that is to say, the loss, he can only eat, not only did not exchange for any benefits, finally also fell a no, looked at cao cao that look like an idiot, Liu Xie only feel difficult to sit.shongzhuying|





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