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推荐股票维雪啤酒Chapter 38 madman"Archers, suppress!" Rear, pressure on the slave soldiers up the elite shooters of all nationalities this just launched an attack, crossbow began to pour arrows toward the wall, let ChengTou defenders can't brazenly kill slave soldiers."This man is not easy! Look, if Stephen really loses, I'm afraid he's the one who dies!" Lyu3 bu4 point Kirby can name, sneer at a way.

"Run!""Kill!"After all, the opponent is cao cao ah, think of the opponent to face, wei is a little excited.推荐股票Kui-tou looked at lyu3 bu4, eyes flashed a flicker of struggle, as if made a great determination, solemnly way: "temuzhen, if you send troops, how many horses?"

推荐股票Falling in grant looked at lombardi, leisurely sighed, step forward, sink a track: "master, our army now spirits are lost, it is the time to hold, stabilize morale, and cao cao military forces is elite, but jun food, and our army hay, enough to support two years, our army only need to hold on to yangwu, not half a year, jun will certainly not fight to rout...", then, our armyAnd the social form of the Han Dynasty has evolved from the slave age to the feudal age, the emergence of houses, gates, various tools, survival is no longer the first factor, in the case of material life is no longer the top priority, the rulers will naturally pursue something on the basis of survival, such as prosperity.Ma'am?

"Here!" Two hussars forward, directly unloaded d armor, hand pike a turn, with the barrel of the gun against d's back."How many men did he bring?" Not yet clear why the two men came, Kirby can frown at the herald."I want to go, too." Pang tong looked at zhaoyun: "but also have to go, don't tell me you are willing to go with the lu crazy woman."推荐股票





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