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地热概念股舒尼通"I don't know exactly. The herdsmen around me just said that a large group of people rushed out of the Kifu tribe to hunt down a few escaped slaves, but they were ambushed in the middle of the road and wiped out. Then Temuzhen led the people into the Kifu tribe, killing them whenever they saw them, and setting fire to the camp. It was very cruel.""Now that your excellency has planned everything well, what can Wang do to help you?" Wang Yong glanced at the ghost-like appearance of the guard behind Zhang Gu, a cold in the heart, hurriedly dry laughed."It 's natural." Lyu3 bu4 nodded and saw XiongKuoHai unconscious, took the giffin out of the camp, looked at the giffin way: "In the past is the old male protection and, this article and a little bit involved, he will stay here, if necessary, will send him back to LinRong."

Tribe has become a ruin, several soldiers packed up a barely able to live in a tent, let lyu3 bu4 and step root meet."Here!" Ma dai, Ma Tie bowed to life, each point two thousand military forces, around the mayi arrow.地热概念股"Monseigneur Temujin does not seem strange?" Blue eyes finally in lyu3 bu4 open eyes, some can not bear, the first to open the way.

地热概念股"Newspaper!" A member of the scouts Pegasus to bypass the rebels, came to the military, giffin way: "Report to the strategist, not long ago mayi gates wide open, a large number of troops left in the direction of the Taihang Mountains."Cao Cao discontented interrupt Xu Yau, frown way: "The male is to fuck old friends, should MG and set the inferiority, this word should not be mentioned again."Steproots didn't think it was possible.

Face big change, lookout hand quickly turned over from the lookout tower jump off, while taking off the horn on the back, drum up the cheeks blowing, this is the collection of tribal people's horn, after the nomadic soldiers heard this horn, have rushed back to the tribe.Stephen was first attacked by Uncle Aquin, Seriously wounded, After that, a series of battles, albeit for a short time, But it drives the flow of blood inside the body, The blood on the waist has not stopped for a moment, at this moment a head rushed out of the tribe YuanMen, mind a loose moment, the mind is also a dizziness, perception and body reaction in this moment into hysteresis, coincided with Kirby can shoot an arrow, although the heart gave birth to warning signs, but unable to avoid, a pain in the back of the heart, the cold arrow cluster has penetrated his heart.地热概念股




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