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均劾缧湃|全国统一城管制服"Master, guan yu yong for both, if let him pour to lombardi, for our army, is extremely unfavorable, it is better to kill, in addition to future trouble!" Freeze act, the most cruel, see cao cao hesitate, can't help but say."Be careful, the beggars don't come well this time." Qui's head was heavy."Roar ~"

Even if there had been speculation, but now confirmed, step root is still some incredible pumping a breath of air, the side of the pro-health commander is not believe: "He only took five hundred people, the Qifu tribe is twenty thousand people's big tribe!""Kirby can!" Lyu3 bu4 camp, lyu3 bu4 will all write the names of the five tribes on paper, finally, a coagulation of eyes, in the name of Kirby can, ticked a circle.Lost, also lost the best opportunity to make progress in the world, because neither cao cao nor lyu3 bu4, it is impossible to give lombardi breathing space, lombardi not only to bear the loss of this battle, but also to face lyu3 bu4 this business tiger and cao cao this treacherous, even if the inheritance, want to restore the old prestige, but also difficult.均劾缧湃|Unfortunately, this quiet, after all, was broken.

均劾缧湃|"Well, I was wondering if Kirby could believe it. What now?" Muronggui hate hate way, but not too much care, because in this battle, the loss of the final Kexin tribe and tribe to jin, left outside the king's courtyard, basically the main force of the two sides and some of Kirby can, Murong tribe and Tuoba tribe basic no loss."Crazy!" The woman's head suddenly raised high, small mouth open to the largest, but deadly by their own hands covered, finally powerlessly lying on the edge of the tub, to meet as if indefatigable impact, powerless teeth way.Be deceived anger, fear of lyu3 bu4, in this moment, all by these people transferred to wang yong and dead patronage.

Temuzhen, is lyu3 bu4 to get an alias for himself, in order to avoid being recognized, lyu3 bu4 will party day painting ji and red rabbit and eagle, are left in the United States millet, only with the fixed sky bow out."No!" Murong stating at the moment just found some wrong, temuzhen army in front of us, their families were killed together, if this time lyu3 bu4 attack..."Somebody!" Silence for a long time, lyu3 bu4 eyes gradually bright up, I'm afraid is cao cao reverse attack.均劾缧湃|




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