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阳光宅男网王|银行资料架Flying pigeon transmission book in order to prevent being intercepted, has been in secret code transmission, but to lv bu hand, nature has been translated out of the real information."Rumble ~" is a series of crash sound, at least three city charging car hit the city gate at the same time, the defenders of the city can even hear the gate began to crack, issued a cacophony of sound.

"Commander, cao jun sent xiahou dun zhen shouchun, lusjiang tiger." Lv meng hesitated.Chapter 26 tobacco smoke in jizhouSeeing this, Yang ren couldn't help being furious and urged his horse to come forward. "qiang barbarians, don't stop!"阳光宅男网王|WeiZheng by gas grim-faced, ultimately is not a word left sleeve, persuade changan together although we condemn lyu3 bu4 has become extravagant hopes, as for the other schools but also don't want to, the purpose of the visit has been thoroughly, WeiZheng the exasperation, but also helpless, see it's not early, also can choose to overnight in chang 'an, return the kanto early tomorrow morning.

阳光宅男网王|Buddhist in The Three Kingdoms period, in fact has been introduced into China, but did not flourish, after all, once becoming a monk, is forbidding to marry, it is unacceptable for the people of this age, but in xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 was seen many temples, heard jiangdong side Buddhism more prosperous, lyu3 bu4 appropriating support over the years, the doctrine of factions in changan and lu bu under are flowers, plus lyu3 bu4 opened the silk road, at the same time also to stimulate the introduction of a large number of family school doctrine, buddhist nature also as this flow in, just can't marriage, even shave baldheaded, basis of unfilial three, ways, Besides, lv bu pays attention to people's livelihood, and people's living standard is generally good. Therefore, there is no living space for Buddhism here, but in the central plains area, it is said that many families believe this."What's the matter? Cao cao looked at the messenger.The archers began to hurl their arrows at the enemy's shields, and rows of soldiers came forward to shield the archers from the arrows of the cao archers.

Lu xun looks at the figure of lv bu's back with complex vision, sigh gently, shake one's head to leave, what lv bu says perhaps is right, but should cast lv bu, how does the family do? Would the rest of the lu family agree? Even if they did, it would not be so easy to leave jiangdong and cross jingzhou."Oh?" Kuai raised his head and glanced at zhang yun. Then he shook his head and said, "brother wencheng came to me. What's the matter?"< / p > < p > wei zheng saw a hu shang directly dropped two pieces of silver to pay the bill, and then in the beautiful maid respectfully led into the inn.阳光宅男网王|




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