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博朗扑克牌印刷厂|赣州中国银行Guan yu frowned, looking at tardif has less than two hundred steps away, silently sighed, turned the horse, came to the crowd, looking at the nearer tardif, dragging the dragon crescent moon knife to the ground.Tardif has not yet begun to call, was Xing Daorong with thousands of elite to drive back, but also more confirmed tardif heart guess, guan yu at the moment, I'm afraid has been unable to use force, otherwise with guan yu's character, can't let him a lieutenant run out."Go!" Tardif looked after array guan yu, unwilling to roar, with He Qi and a few remaining soldiers toward the east to kill in the past.

"Then withdraw your troops." Pang tong stood up and rolled his eyes, the terrain around him has seen, if only for nothing, will block up here directly, sit and wait for zhuge liang withdrawal, but whether pang tong or wei yan, how willing not to ask for merit but for nothing?"Gentlemen." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, smiled and said: "The noon is coming, and it is time for dinner, I have ordered a luncheon ready for everyone, let's talk about it after eating?"博朗扑克牌印刷厂|"No, I can't! Ziyi, break through!" He qi a knife will be a jingzhou soldiers head split fly, wiped a handful of blood on his face, rushed to tardif, loudly drink a way.

博朗扑克牌印刷厂|Many tired soldiers regardless of the stench, a buttocks sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, across the wall, full of corpses radiate spread to the distance, farther away, is guan yu's camp."Bang ~"Tracing the cause with zhou tai, tardif, He Qi and others came to qua outside the city, check the enemy, wait and see for a long time, tracing the cause suddenly laughed: "don't want to guan yu unexpectedly so careless!"

"I 'll have to try to find out if it' s too loud!" Zhang Fei stuffy hum 1, sneer at to Wei Yan, a pair of ring eyes, flashing dangerous light.A mat Jiang soldiers quietly head, Prepare to take advantage of the height, put an arrow here, however, just bob, heard a stuffy sound, countless arrow cluster spread around him, trunk, the ground and even many rocks, all plugged in by the arrow cluster, the bob of the soldiers including their own team, seven or eight people were nailed to the ground by the cold arrow cluster."Die!" Tardif see guan yu potential poor force solitary, also so fierce and brave, cold in the heart, step back, bow and arrow, will shoot guan yu.博朗扑克牌印刷厂|




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