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欧若拉魔法学院|丰挺汤副作用Many shield his consciousness raised his hand behind the shield to protect hand crossbows, but this time the shoot out of the bolt is not intense, but with a strong penetration, the arrows, though not like before that a wave of arrows rain now generally five feet, but there are also two feet long, with a strong penetration on wooden shield, shield directly through the wood, the wood behind the shield of the shield hand crucified on the ground, some JianCu shot down the shield gap directly into more terrorist, not only through the rear crossbowman body, more directly behind the crossbow militia are shot through with, without the shield block, these JianCu tends to shot through two people body, It was horrible."Commander! Participate in a few jiangdong soldiers cry, kneel down in zhou yu has begun to stiff body around."Twenty percent! ?" Zhangsong suddenly stood up, looks at law is, he has to maintain the zhangs' business, the silk road had a period of time, of course, is not to go to the silk road, but from changan, to buy things from merchants on the silk road, and then shipped to shu, clear lyu3 bu4 tax how make people love dearly, but even so, still have made him a rich, natural more clearly what it contains twenty percent tax windfall.

"Liu bei's trust has been gained, but some military secrets have not been accessed." Xu shu bowed."Then try again, at any cost! Shall I teach you how to do it?" Lyu3 bu4 turn head, cold voice way."This matter no wonder general, originally under the general's command, could have broken the formation with the crossbow, who knew that the other side suddenly threw a pile of oil across a hundred steps... "Xing daorong bala bala said the war before, what is in the jar, xing daorong also do not know, but meet fire that is burning, and oil did not differ.欧若拉魔法学院|Shield wall, ugly bowstring to limit voice sounded again, like death curse xh I'm blue in the face, just that a wave was offensive, he can not forget the range has been keep up with their bed crossbows, however, jun, bed crossbow combined also however three hundred aircraft, and the opposite of that kind of strong crossbow, certainly more than three hundred, can be organized into a cluster of arrows rain, least two thousand or more.

欧若拉魔法学院|And from time to time, throw down two oil tanks plus a torch, not to mention the wind leakage shield car, is the wood beast has a certain fire performance, but in the case of fire in all directions, also can be born to roast to death, and whether the iron thorn or oil, gao shun is the focus of the city gate."The report ~""No! < / p > < p > rear, xia houyuan face a change, gao shun this is deliberately retreat, opened the distance between the cavalry and infantry, at the moment retreat, it is too late, immediately shouted: "continue to charge!

'yes! Other generals smell speech also have struggled to stand up, look at zhang ren harsh way: "I also would rather die than loyal to him.""Come, tell munda to come to me!" After thinking for a moment, liu zhang's eyes a bright, has a candidate, immediately lang voice called people came meng da consultation.'pardon me! Nighthawk was a quiver, hurriedly prostrate on the floor, owl camp under three, night burn in the western regions, and collect training death, the nightingale is responsible for transferring information, nighthawk is dedicated to kill and to protect the safety of lyu3 bu4 small and some of the etiquette, but also has the meaning of monitoring, because it is directly responsible to the lu bu and, therefore, nighthawk actually master the right to far more than burn, the nightingale two department, and therefore, lyu3 bu4 preliminary into night owls camp, already had expressly, owl camp three, can't ask politics.欧若拉魔法学院|





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