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古今军事船都网紧固器"Thank you very much." Lyu3 bu4 solemnly nodded his head and looked to the root of the step: "I would like to join the king's court."We'll have to do it first!"Bang ~"

"Monsieur, do you want to fight Wang Ting?" D and others on the face of the look of excitement."Congratulations to the host for obtaining Xianbei Qi Yun bonus and greatly improving all attributes.""Your excellency, how dare I deceive you?" Uncle Akun's face a touch of bitterness, shook his head and sighed.古今军事船都网Sky, came a loud eagle cry, with a sound of joy, lyu3 bu4 looked up, the former eagle has grown up now, half a meter high body spread out wings, in the sky constantly circling.

古今军事船都网The subordinate item does not exceed the five-star attribute of one star! ""Arrows!" Mayi ChengTou, zhang he looked at the enemy's chaotic formation, slightly frown, is not how much the other side, on the contrary, the army, looked weak poor, even the basic formation can't keep, so screaming towards the wall of the attack."If lyu3 bu4 failed to capture taiyuan, I'll wait here, When master reinforcements arrived, Is equal to broken lyu3 bu4 retreat, Unfortunately, bing military forces are concentrated in my department and general gao gan there, Taiyuan emptiness, lyu3 bu4 is almost to sweep, within ten days, captured taiyuan, wild goose gate large cities, more connected to the yellow river, gaogan and our army although there are sixty thousand military forces, but equivalent to sixty thousand alone, lyu3 bu4 opened the way to the yellow river, is not smooth, there is also a retreat, once he sent someone to capture the huguan, our retreat can be cut off. " Falling in to grant hoarse voice, "Heaven is not master, bing is completely finished, continue to keep, will be trapped here, only to retreat to the pot, take the pot to close, keep the pot, when the master regained his strength, can also compete with lyu3 bu4, must keep the military forces, otherwise, the pot closed a loss, thirty thousand soldiers will be trapped to death in mayi! Master in the future if blame, this responsibility, will be borne by me alone. "

"This..." A group of xianbei generals really didn't think of this thing, at this time by lyu3 bu4 mentioned, the talent faintly found some troops.And, with lyu3 bu4 footsteps move, a title of generals in ancient times also slowly stood up, cold eyes, with a frightening chance to kill, this moment, they don't seem to be caught in the siege, but to meet these county soldiers worship, one hundred people momentum and lyu3 bu4, even wang yong, are born with a desperate beleaguered.古今军事船都网





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