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疯狂猜成语羹夕火|康尔来经络通Hurriedly dressed in belligerent armor, with weapons, cao peng with a sword, and ran to the wall with people panic, xinfeng magistrate zhang has been anxiously on the wall at the moment, cao peng up, toward the direction of zhong yao barracks, but see in the barracks flames, complexion is not changed greatly."WenHou forgive, is lee, it is the thief to MiaoShang, want to harm WenHou, and I have nothing to do with, fortunately WenHou HongFuQitian, wise god, see through the thief's tricks." A sheriff scrambled forward a few steps in mourning.If I can make a great China, become the real master of the world, is the national sinners on the back of the infamy? If this can be done, it is definitely more meaningful and challenging than the establishment of a dynasty of hundreds of years!

Liu Meng frown at Korea hence, face gradually cooled down: "We this time, but to hundreds of soldiers, tu ge? Moon people such a small family, but not the courage to sign with us, Korea hence, I think you should pay attention to the attitude of talking to me, I'm not your dogs, to see your face!""Newspaper, the xiongnu army vanguard troops have arrived at the pastoral slope!""Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 remember before he left, let giffin to prepare a split marten Korea hence scheme, nodded: "it is not too late to go back to say again, why don't you avoid danger?"疯狂猜成语羹夕火|Lyu3 bu4 nodded, leisurely sighed: "Those soldiers who died of the war down, after going back, I will gather their families to support, can't let these soldiers died of starvation for us orphans!" Five thousand men on the march, to now, has lost more than half, the battle, also should be over.

疯狂猜成语羹夕火|Mu Ma Po, Korea hence after returning to his camp, then found the burn when the old king, after both sides discussed, overnight to pound camp launched an offensive, no temptation to attack, from the beginning, is to press the whole line of forces, let pound and others don't even have a chance to breathe."The strongest of the Han people?" North palace from ignored Yang Wang, looked at lyu3 bu4, eyes flashed a glowing warfare, raised Zaoyang slimming: "Defeat me, immediately go!"On the towers, Zhang is a face of black line looking at without warning with people into the city of He Yi, Just left a stupid guy, Now came in a two-fooled, change a head normal point of generals, how much will hesitate, think about whether there will be fraud, before zhang both let people open the gates, but also hope that if lyu3 bu4 army really kill, cheat him in an empty city, who wants to come to a two-fooled, see the gates open, rushed in without hesitation.

Yang Xi smell speech liu eyebrow a pick, discontented stare to male broad sea, giffin is the first step frown way: "male general, forget master came to command?"They are still the first time from lyu3 bu4 mouth to hear the words of the world, one by one eyes can not help showing excited light.Looking at the huns on guard, lyu3 bu4 indifferent way: "why, with the general to use force?"疯狂猜成语羹夕火|




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