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みなせ單歪|吏鹸叡送楚距准Shook his head, Ezra pound laughed. "General less worry, fire oil is scarce materials, seibel far away, this kind of thing, can't be too much, if the siege, the city is not even able to bring so much fire oil, but this move pioneered, really surprising, our morale is now low, then want to break the locust, this battle can be fought, but just scouts back a message.""Here!" Hande bowed down and began to arrange patrols and reconnaissance, while the rest looked for a place to rest.If one or two people, d can also block the news, but more than five hundred people throw back, hay burned things I'm afraid not long, can instantly spread throughout d barracks, by then, d even if want not to withdraw troops are difficult.

"The girl came to me, but was entrusted by Wen Ho." Lyu3 bu4 sitting on the horse, straight up, with a little surprised to see the whole body will be included in the armor of the woman, woman will, in this era, lyu3 bu4 only know the ravaged by the south pretty lady.Ma dai raised his sword, in a mournful roar, behind the fighters like a black torrent, with all the momentum of destruction, toward the camp with Korea.Han sui and burn when the king's camp is not far away, burn when the camp ShaSheng sky-shaking, natural deception but han sui eyes and ears.みなせ單歪|"Wei Yan."

みなせ單歪|Lyu3 bu4 horse rushed to the flag, Hands up and halberds down, Cut off the flagpole, Looking around, But see each other master has been surrounded by rebels, Cold hum 1, turn the horse's head, saw the two huns martial arts unexpectedly into their own army, one blocked the han de, another person to start to kill the four sides, just this time, has killed several han army, file and great anger, legs a clip horse belly, rushed back, hand China day painting ji is flung out."Master, in front of is Montenegro white water, white water is the flow of the jinghe river, all the year round, and very fast, is also won't freeze in winter, white water qiang also hence the name." Giffin on horseback to lyu3 bu4 side, pointing to the front of the mountain road.Call kitchen spring saw array of cavalry across the distance, deep cold eyes, flashed a touch of cold kill, although I don't know why these should be against the north handsome army why will appear here, but since met, can't let them go!

"Arrange people take turns to patrol, and then send someone to find out the whereabouts of the other huns, others take time to rest, we don't have much time." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, holding the party day painting ji, found a relatively clean place, and clothes sit down, quietly closed his eyes sleep.Just a moment, two people will meet more than twenty, larocca face slightly heavy, this d, seems to be a lot stronger, regardless of speed or strength, larocca have a sense of unable to keep up.D a took bamboo paper, hand to lyu3 bu4.みなせ單歪|




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