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facebook 上市奥鲨宝Soon Chen qun and zhong you came. After the ceremony, cao cao asked, "why did you two gentlemen come together?"Lyu3 bu4 is actually very hopes of a peaceful solution to the central plains, unify, is that for the central plains people, is definitely a great news, but now, the original idea or some take it for granted, lyu3 bu4 side while improving the position of vendors, but in warfare, but is still predominantly agricultural, and unable to unrest in its basic economic penetration way, in this case, to unify the central plains, in the end still can't avoid the first world war.While implying that liu bei had agreed to cao cao's alliance, the war in jingzhou must be concluded as soon as possible to invade the middle of shu.

These two people take beside, can have complementary effect truly."If I had met him under the horse ten years ago, the father would be a corpse by now." Lyu3 bu4 took the wine wound that inn small 2 hand over, put a silver needle into, indifferent way, 3 unique perhaps put on the battlefield insignificant, but if be this kind of street fight cruel circumstance, they are worthy of the grand master."Since my husband is engaged, I have to leave." Big Joe quickly stood up, bowed to lv bu way, even now is no longer a slave as lv bu's vent tool, but the ceremony of the hussars riding mansion or to keep, the woman can not interfere in politics, this is the rules of the hussars riding mansion, even noble as liu yun, also not.facebook 上市"Anyone who wants to worry about that, I tell you, you'd better send him to the Lord for a while." Pang tong rolled his eyes.

facebook 上市"Kuai yue! ?" CAI MAO ferocious look at kuai liang, harsh way.The figure of nighthawk appears before lyu3 bu3 body, one knee ground bow way: "nighthawk dereliction of duty, let host and little advocate frighten, sin should die!"Before many families clamor to crusade against lu bu, but when lu bu really sit in luoyang, make a pair of to dry posture, these voices are strange disappeared.

The target location is getting closer and closer, even if shi a has tried not to daydream, but as the target location is getting closer and closer, some thoughts inevitably emerge in his mind."Presumptuous, contrary! ?" Yang ren not from great anger: "gather soldiers and horses, with me out of the city!"Under the command of lu bu, the military officers left in chang 'an, including xiong kuahai, ma chao, zhaoyun, pang DE, bei gong li and han DE, were arranged one by one. On the opposite side were Chen gong, jia xu, zu su, pang tong, xu shu and Yang fu.facebook 上市




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