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浴巾男泡夜店|石泉县城关中学"By the way, jingzhou side, we put out the bait how? Lu bu turned and looked at xu shu."Men, we may die today, including me." Zhou yu did not sleep all night, but his spirit was surprisingly good. His face was pale. After taking the wine bowl from lv meng, he held it up high to the soldiers standing in front of him."Lord! Xiahou dun, with a group of generals, came forward and paid a visit to cao cao.

Guan yu did not speak, but huang zhong sighed: "I am afraid it is not under our elite.""Shubi, do not underestimate the enemy!" Sun jing stood aside, looked at the opposite has been smiling face of liu bei, frowning way.JianCu time to harvest the enemy's life, and at the same time, the soldiers of both sides started to fight, as a matter of fact, but the two thousand people of sword and shield soldiers were not as good as they deal with, a group of ten, rapidly to form a small circle, the solid shield, an ordinary sword cut up, don't break the opponent's defense, and the other side of the sword and shield hand, but will be in the hands of the gaps between the sword down the shield thrust out continuously, clusters of blood line continuously flowing out of the gap between the shield, and the other side of the crossbow hand continue to retreat, but at the same time, even in the hands of a crossbow in constant harvest jun's life!浴巾男泡夜店|"I met duke xuande." Sun jing slightly a salute, indifferent way.

浴巾男泡夜店|"Aren't you supposed to supervise the bullies? Why did you come here?" Liu zhang puzzled."Broken crossbows retreating, sword and shield protecting, all crossbows retreating!" Jumping off the high obedience watchtowers, started to command the army back, since three years ago, lyu3 bu4 have begun to promote mobile warfare theory, can not with the enemy melee battle will never have a close fight with the enemy, use advantage range to eliminate rivals in sports, and strengthen the training of these new methods, back up, at the moment is not random.Then cao cao placed wang Yin in a special tent and asked the princes to choose 200 soldiers to guard the song mountain.

The tiger firmly shut, just like water soaked in blood, up and down the wall, in the body has been cleared, in a glance, filled with dried blood, the earth was dyed brown, the wall has also lost the original look, reinforced throughout the potholes trace on the wall, the crossbow is jun's bed and out of the blue car."Clean up after use, don't leave trouble!" Lv bu glanced at ford and waved his hand.Cold JianCu as pound commanded, across a flat curve, in the air after the battle raged over towards jingzhou, with distance closer, single-shot crossbow penetration at the moment of terror began to exert force, cold JianCu can easily into wooden targe, just suddenly, large area of jingzhou army fell down dead.浴巾男泡夜店|




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