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呀黑暗骑士铠传|餐巾纸机器Although there are twenty thousand candidates, But I didn't expect to meet the enemy here, line pull is very long, plus candidate was lyu3 bu4 killed in the first time, the whole army in a flash of chaos, was lyu3 bu4 with men back and forth conflict, less than a wick sweet kung fu, twenty thousand troops were lyu3 bu4 killed scattered, yan into a rout was twisted back."Hold on!" Asphyxiating momentum, many soldiers turned gray, wei yan-shen drink, looked at jun almost in a moment, has rushed into the hundreds of steps, raised his right hand mercilessly chopped off!This idea, It is natural to be hungry before you know it, The sable cicada, one of the four greatest beauties of all time, with Jo on his side, coupled with the influence of the information explosion of previous generations, Although it is undeniable that at the moment of Yang Xi dressing up, softly with a bit of heroic face, let lyu3 bu4 have a momentary desire to conquer, but still far from let him boiling feeling, nature more unable to realize that these have been living in the mountains, with the beast of the qiang people young man at the moment that surprised the feeling of heaven and man.

"The general is promised you, but now, you violated the rules of the army, mob!" Lyu3 bu4 coldly looked at the huns: "this is your own fault, put arrows!""He Man? Why are you here? Zhong Yao?" Wei yan looked at him, frown asked."Oh?" D raised his eyelids, looked at Pound: "I'm afraid not what good news?"呀黑暗骑士铠传|"Ah?"

呀黑暗骑士铠传|"Death to a thief!" D angry, silver gun in his hand turned into a flash of lightning, like a poisonous dragon stabbed larocca's throat."Order now!" Seibel glance swept to all: "the will have any objection?""This matter I take note of first, after the break, and then with the text and detail, girl said before, changan recently happened a lot of things, gongtai arrested a lot of people, exactly what happened?"

"The sooner the better, the better to go tomorrow!" Lyu3 bu4 flatly way.Chapter VI Baishui Qiang"General don't bother." CAI wenji nodded slightly, returned a gift, looked at lyu3 bu4 said: "since the husband has important business, my body first retired."呀黑暗骑士铠传|




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