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洪灾概念股临潼蟒蛇Chapter 41 jingxiang fengyun (iv)Liu bei nodded, and immediately face a su, to zhuge liang respectful worship way: "although the preparation of the name of the thin, willing to Sir Not abandon humble, mountain help, when ready to teacher courtesy."Unfortunately, I jingzhou no fierce support, otherwise, how to rout so far?" Under wang wei's tent, general wang lian smiled sadly.

Cao cao nodded silently, hoping that the luoyang side of the war can be some progress, otherwise, this is equivalent to three joint attack lv bu, if all the way did not win, then this face can be lost."Go!" < / p > < p > guo yuan eye flash a cold kill, suddenly a foot kick in the past, deputy general caught off guard, guo yuan was a foot kick to the city battlements above, the body in the air fell a somersaulting, screaming, toward the wall below the fall down."Last night several scouts were frozen to death, many soldiers are mourning." Guan yu sighed and said, "now the soldiers are eager to go home."洪灾概念股"This...... "Yuan shang frowned slightly," the three stockade alone is not the same cost, I am afraid that even if lu bu does not make trouble, conservative estimate, it will take a month to complete, let alone if lu bu see their intention, how can they so easily completed?

洪灾概念股"You...... "Yuan shang's face was red with lv bu's anger."Zuo ci, a daoist, was very friendly with my Lord, and often discussed with him. Lv bu lives more younger, do not say the lu xun that just came, gu shao, in this chang 'an is a mystery, Yang fu also can break off casually at the moment.Chapter 71 an angry rising of the army

"Hey, it's not the same as being pulled by the Lord." Pang tong's expression is insincere."Rumble ~"洪灾概念股




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