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昆明歹徒|阳阳传媒Just as the two men were discussing it, a small school rushed into the government office and sank into a track: "General, strategist, there is a member of the army general lyu3 bu4 outside the city, claiming to be the vanguard of lyu3 bu4, led by two thousand QingQi outside the city."However, most of the time, there are many factors that determine the outcome of the war. The beggars had already fought a battle yesterday. Although the victory was very smooth, it consumed physical strength and horsepower."Hum!" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at, ignored, this is the first time he felt this rejection from the qi, not only qi, but also heaven and earth, this battle down, conference semifinals potential decline, xianbei chaos, there should be a period of brilliant xianbei qi, after the first world war, I'm afraid will be born to cut off.

"Rumble ~"Zhang he frowned and said, "strategist, is it too hasty to judge only by the stars?""This is natural, cloud also admires Wen Hou to be a person. Zhaoyun su rong way, this is his commitment to Addis, Addis smell speech, didn't say more, more than half a year of getting along, two people already know each other very well, the man said, even if it is knife and fire, will not change half a point.昆明歹徒|As for why kui head to kill his own brother, this kind of thing, in the prairie is too common, in order to khan, brother mutilation is very common, the huns tribe patriarch call hutch springs is not also killed at that time or ZuoXianWang brother in fu Luo, successfully ascended to the throne of the huns khan?

昆明歹徒|"Drive ~" shook his head, lyu3 bu4 legs suddenly a clip, horses eat pain, began rushing from the rear of the turbulent cavalry.With the remnants of the military forces, coss after a little recuperation, then overnight, all the way to meng jin, tiger fastened, meng jin, anyway, have a place."It's not certain yet, but it's not going to be inferior." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head regretfully: "Who is the mole, not to mention this for the time being, the most important thing is to save the king's court at this moment, I'm afraid Kirby can already think we bypass the shady mountain, ready to attack the five big tribes, with troops to deploy, we just use Kirby can mole, around from the mountains, direct attacks on the five big tribal allied forces, let them unprepared."

"Adult don't know, I and Cui E private meeting, had heard Cui E mentioned, the satrap house, there is a secret road, can go straight to the outside of the city...""Khan!" In the king's tent, lyu3 bu4 did not care about the snub of kui head, see banquet almost, just look to kui head way: "I have a question.""That 's all!" Lombardi bored hum 1, abruptly way: "give me pass each county, but see liu bei, need not ask more, kill directly, bring up a head to see!"昆明歹徒|




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