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松田雅美|专门卖杯子的网站"Well done, clever enough!" Lyu3 bu4 le turned his horse's head, turned his head to look at the side of the upright when, just that is the guy shouted, let begging fu tribal scenes completely out of control."Don't you have twenty thousand more? Wait, after the defeat, it's time for us to do it." Lyu3 bu4 moan way.In the crowd, a young man holding a wolf-tooth gun, fast horse, see Liang Xing, distracted and stabbed.

"Yes." QinWei chief helpless, can only let a person to beg for the direction of the fu tribe.Strong body stiffened, bowed his head, looked at the chest protruding arrow cluster, throat sent a cluck strange noise, finally turned into a cry of grief and indignation, majestic body roared off the horse, built up a dust, lost his master horses linger around his master, doubtful looking at the fall of the master, for a long time do not want to leave."What can this say? Craftsmen for the men to provide excellent armor weapons, merchants also brought huge benefits, let the people more affluent, very good." Zhaoyun shook his head.松田雅美|Chen xing will gun a pendulum, a gun potential toward coss throat stab.

松田雅美|This is a provocation, direct elimination also just, so let out words to threaten, if xianbei king's court without any expression, the authority of xianbei king's court will fall sharply, I'm afraid those dependent on the king's court tribes will also have to leave the king's court, for the moment the prestige of the king's court is not enough, is definitely added to the woes."Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, mouth corners show a smile: "come really fast, go, go to see, it is also time to showdown."

"Wen and but it doesn't hurt to say." Lyu3 bu4 against handsome chair, sink a track."Master, today the xianbei khan and find us to drink." Sentence suddenly sullen came to lyu3 bu4 behind, wry smile way, so obvious alienation, even his coarse man can see."Where is Temujin now?" Qui-head smell speech picked up eyebrows, twist a head to ask: "He knows this matter?"松田雅美|




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