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美女校花把我夹得好爽|九制藏精Speaking, step root is not into the back, hand machetes dance a knife light, will be around xianbei cavalry kill scattered, with their horses together, screaming mournfully: "children, with me to kill out!"Two lives played a shiver, dare not say again, rising a touch of chill in the heart, more than two thousand people, plus a woman's words have five or six thousand people, so eyes don't blink to let the enemy massacre, think of lyu3 bu4 in hetao, two people dare not say again, lest lyu3 bu4 will also throw them away as abandoned children.Even if there had been speculation, but now confirmed, step root is still some incredible pumping a breath of air, the side of the pro-health commander is not believe: "He only took five hundred people, the Qifu tribe is twenty thousand people's big tribe!"

Zhao Yunwen said, The corners of his mouth gave birth to bitterness, An unspeakable boredom poured into my mind, In the Western Regions for half a year, Follow Addis, Have seen Addis that some tough appearance, Hidden in that tenacious, resolute heart, Two people fight side by side, several times in distress to help each other, feeling unconsciously, already rooted in the heart, sprout, grow, when lyu3 bu4 big break xianbei, write that but make the dragon city fly in, don't teach hu ma du yinshan adverbial, zhaoyun had an impulse, so stay in the western regions, accompany Addis, imitate lyu3 bu4, famous outside.Mournful hissing roar in the crowd is quite sharp, begging fu goyang smell speech face big change, want to turn over, but horses have been frightened, at the moment has gone, and the whole army with the life-long shriek, is completely bombed camp.Arm a hemp, copper rod almost off, but not, He Yi looked at the general in front of him in horror, but saw a member of the young general in the hands of a point gun after picking open his copper rod, backhand then stab, instantly pick open He Yi's throat.美女校花把我夹得好爽|Early the next morning, that is, TaBaJi powder agreed on the last day, step root gathered near the tribe of twenty thousand troops on a massive expedition.

美女校花把我夹得好爽|Cao Cao didn't refuse, but he didn't agree either. Instead, he turned the conversation around and said, "Three gentlemen came at the same time, but they didn't know what they were doing."Chapter 47 big battle will ariseConsciousness accompanied by Ma Tie constantly stirred in the hands of the wolf-tooth gun, quickly fade, endless darkness swept in, Liang Xing lost his vitality of the corpse from the horse slipped down.

Move people, defeat zhong yao, Then fight west cool, lyu3 bu4 strength in a little bit, to the beginning of the year when the soldiers into hetao, but two or three months time, then swept away hetao, lyu3 bu4, in the eyes of cao cao, its threat has actually exceeded many governors, liu table, milan and jiangdong since sun ce died, its threat in cao cao's view, is also inferior to lyu3 bu4."Afraid of you!" Coss was wei yan yesterday, at the moment successfully ambushed to Chen Xing troops, finally out of the chest a malevolent, smell speech without hesitation clap dance knife, toward Chen Xing killed.Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way: "The woman that works in the mind, let a person hate really, I hate to be threatened by a person, once threatened my person, died."美女校花把我夹得好爽|




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