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上海逆来顺受会所旅行社推广"This …" People looked at each other, a general tempted: "General, why don't we also dig trenches, avoid their bows and arrows, and directly close to them?""General, this..." A few lieutenants on the wall to see the real, this small-scale collision met shooting sound camp so elite, narrow area instead to provide convenience to each other, so on, the trench instead became the other side's cover, ChengTou archers are also difficult to hide in the trench of these guanzhong elite."Young master, do you want to inform Mr. Sze-won?" Jiang wei came to lu zheng at the moment, asked in a low voice.

Zhuge liang see grain road has wei yan protection, had to change the strategy, water from the pad river, want to use the water potential impact on the city, pang tong is based on the moat, water to downstream."Maybe the guanzhong army deceived me." A general frown way."There is a military strategy, but only on paper, such as the Warring States period that Zhao Kuo general. Lu Zheng laughed.上海逆来顺受会所This is also sun quan and all jiangdong wenwu most concerned about, if only to see the results, please lyu3 bu4, really can solve jiangdong's power, but after? Lyu3 bu4 will help you for no reason, if lyu3 bu4 really unconditional help, that instead to be careful.

上海逆来顺受会所Guanzhong made a big shield, stand up almost half of the body can be covered, but in the trench, action is quite inconvenient, so both sides in a moment of contact, shooting sound battalion soldiers directly hit the shield to each other, followed by a knife to kill."Give up the first and second trenches and throw tung oil!" Take a deep breath, Li Yanshen track, this was intended to be used in the siege, now it seems that had to be used in advance."Oh, that champion Hou know my name?" Ma self-deprecating wry smile.

Originally Guan Yu in the arrow, angry, driven by anger, Squeeze out the potential of the whole body, even cut two knives, tardif frightened back, but also do their best, almost directly soft fall to the ground, if not for face, and afraid tardif back, guan yu how can miss this rare broken city, back to camp at the moment, around only Xing Daorong a person, a loose heart, is no longer able to raise any strength.In this teenager in his early teens, The momentum of the battle was decisive, Milan stronger than I don't know how many times, in this case, even if there is discontent in the heart, but no one dare to speak at this time, all eyes, gathered in the county, zhuge liang planning chengdu strategy is stillborn, also lost a ma, they know, the war, will determine the ultimate ownership of shu.上海逆来顺受会所




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