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爱意文学思兰朵焕颜祛斑霜"Yes." Giffin looked at lyu3 bu4's face, probably can guess some things, sighed in the heart, continue to say: "But these are the words, master urgent matter, is how to persuade these qiang haoshuai agreed to build."Giffin said, and stroked his three long locks of beard, "Montenegro White Water, at the end of the Qinling Mountains, The land here is fertile, surrounded by mountains and rivers, Easier to defend than to attack, When people live, It's unverifiable, but because of its unique geographical advantages, Many Qiang people who could not be exploited and oppressed by the imperial court moved here one after another, Over the years, The qiang people gradually grew, forming twelve white water qiang, Although less than ginseng wolf qiang, burn block qiang, zero qiang so strong, but because of its unique geographical environment, the court sent troops several times, not only failed to destroy, but also make white water qiang folk style more fierce, qiang people most admire the brave, if master can accept white water qiang, not only can master get a strong cavalry, more can master under the rule of hundreds of people. "Until the pike to break the air, liang xing just react, just at this time want to block has been impossible, hurriedly a will be beside a west cool army pulled to block in front of himself.

"So, Meng De want to change back to zhong yao, also need to take hay." Lyu3 bu4 laughed.Seibel looked at the gate of the west cool army after all, Vicious spit, as long as hold d, to candidate show urine, I'm afraid will not actively storm, therefore, the war in the locust is the key, once the locust was breached, candidate there I'm afraid don't mind taking advantage of, likewise, if the locust can hold, west cool army is difficult to the thunder pool half step, so, anyway, he will be nailed here like a nail!Looked at a pair of gradually converging eyes, lyu3 bu4 loudly way: "because you with a waste of general, will be the soul of the armed forces, a soldier bear, will bear a nest, that's the truth, look at your general, just doing what?" After their defeat, they were begging to surrender to the enemy! I lyu3 bu4 vertical and horizontal world, will be countless famous, but today, or the first time I met a city of generals begging to the enemy scene, they let me see long. "爱意文学With Cao Cao pacifying Xuzhou and Yuzhou, the central plains of the most prosperous regional occupation, the authority of the court is gradually established, accompanied by Cao Cao's prestige is more outstanding.

爱意文学"Today mud Yang ShouJiang zhang liao led hundreds of people rushed array, into appropriate general caught off guard, was beheaded in the armed forces, army routed, now mud Yang outside the army has fled back.""Hmm?" Seibel waved, let his men defer the attack, turned his head and looked at the speeding wei yan, frown way: "general wei, why for jun intercession?""At the end of the day he will lead his life."

"Tut ~" Wei Yan put away the bow and arrow, although he also bow and horse skillful, but after all is not lyu3 bu4 such a good shooter, if not for the fierce westerly wind, he is sure will be unprepared zhang both shot, now, the fierce north wind on his arrow cluster trajectory had a great impact, missed the shot zhang both a great opportunity."General, do you want to pursue?" A lieutenant climbed YuanMen, looked at d, can't help but excited asked."Will you win?" Lieutenant unwilling to ask, lyu3 bu4 now in the hands of all the forces that can be mobilized, have gathered in this line, even if lyu3 bu4 will all the cavalry and how many? I'm afraid they don't even have enough change.爱意文学




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