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razortxt土狗价格Time pushed back to September 3, Lv Meng took advantage of the heavy rain in the river ambush, wipe out Chen to jiangxia after the main force, into the jiangxia.With no family barriers, The process of decentralization began quickly, At the same time, the Department of Justice intervened, now shu new set, this time, who dares to act against the wind, it is absolutely to die punishment, Yang Fengyin, light lose officials, heavy loss of head, corruption and fraud, in this period, once found, directly beheaded public, but also from the guanzhong special propaganda team, will be a lot of pro-people policies to explain to the people one by one.Ma Su and a family leader, With a group of families gathered in the family home, quickly ran to li hun camp, things surprised him, now, must control the ten thousand defenders in the city as soon as possible, not too much, as long as control of chengdu for a month, I'm afraid the frontline supplies will run out, then, pang tong is able to have all day, then is also powerless.

Guan yu let a chair, sitting outside the tent, coldly looking at YuanMen open.Zhang Fei is like a sharp blade, With his own personal guard constantly in the other side of the army ripped open a gap, Zhang Ren was in command, constantly commanding the soldiers quickly to make up for Zhang Fei's tear, Shouting ShaSheng accompanied by the splash of blood, Over time, the more intense, Zhang Fei clashed several times, With courage, to and fro in the midst of the enemy, But zhang ren shu army although not as elite as wei yan military forces, but the military forces he commanded for a long time, mobilized such as arms, although momentum was suppressed by zhang fei, but exceptionally tough, zhang fei several times want to break through the encirclement to cut will seize the flag have failed to succeed, but almost let himself in the encirclement, then dare not rashly break into the array.razortxtBut want to play out, such a terrain also limits the strength advantage of zhuge liang side, even if wei only that point, also enough to zhuge liang westward road to block.

razortxtZhuge liang at this time sent troops to storm, also is helpless, his opponent is pang tong, two people know the truth, and in order to facilitate behind ma, he must put pang tong military forces here as far as possible, as long as chengdu, pang tong will fall into a dilemma, even cut off the hay, that battle, nature can win without a fight."Already here?" When Lu Zheng got the news from Cheng Fang, he nodded and said, "It doesn't matter if General Cheng goes to see you. See what he says. Give me the charm and I'll mobilize the horses.""Not yet, but jingzhou rear is not peaceful, jiangdong sun quan I'm afraid has been hit, shu, although important, but for liu bei, jingzhou is now the foundation, I just need to consume with kongming here, the news arrived, then don't cost a soldier a pawn to win the county." Pang tong smiled.

Li yan shook his head, some heavy in the heart, for the past six days, pound did not send troops, is not to think of a way to deal with the trenches? Just want to break the head, li yan also can't think of each other at a time exactly what to do?"Hey ~" Pang Tong looked at Zhang Fei also retreat, just sneer at a track: "That's why I brought the WenChang to meet you, you sure as hell didn't let me down!"And all the people perceived that things were not good, Lyu3 zheng quietly disappeared, obviously know their plan in advance, that ran to raid ChengFang, wang yuan's forces, I'm afraid, luckily, at the moment they still have muddy li, xie yun two troops can control chengdu, as long as the chengdu control in hand, broken pang tong hay, the front army still have to collapse.razortxt




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